Content Policy

Friendship Club strongly supports the right of creators to control their original work, so we put together a content policy based around that goal.

When sharing recipes from Barbie’s Easy-As-Pie Cookbook (or any other source), we’ll be following the US Copyright Office’s specific guidance about recipes. That means that while the list of ingredients and general method of making a dish aren’t protected by copyright, we will always write our own unique versions of the instructions. At times we may quote short excerpts from someone else’s work in order to comment on it (which we believe is fair use), but we won’t post substantial amounts of text from a cookbook or any other original source.

Barbie is a registered trademark of Mattel, Inc. We believe that discussing Barbie as a cultural figure and cookbook character does nothing to infringe on that trademark.

All posts and photos on this site, unless otherwise noted, are original work by the writers of Friendship Club and are protected by copyright. They can’t be reproduced without permission. All graphics that appear on the site are either original work or were licensed through a third-party service.

If you have any questions about our content, send us a message.