Bright Eyed Ways to … Whatever.

I realized about halfway through today that I hadn’t done a recipe this week. So many things are falling by the wayside in These Uncertain Times. But. We have to make time for the things that are important. And one thing that is important to me is doing recipes from Barbie’s Easy-as-Pie Cookbook and writing blog posts about them, damnit.

And it might be cheating to take one of Barbie’s pointers from 10 Bright Eyed Ways to Begin a Breakfast and call it a recipe, but I’m doing it. It counts! Pour some tomato juice, y’all! Put a lemon in it! Give yourself a gold star for doing All The Things.*

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Barbie’s Main Dish Tuna Salad

I like tuna salad, but in my house it’s a lunchtime thing eaten in sandwich form. Barbie serves hers with lettuce and a few extras in an attempt to elevate this tuna salad into a satisfying entree.

The cookbook’s structure suggests that Barbie wasn’t entirely sold on the idea of tuna salad as the star of dinner though; despite claiming “Main Dish” status right in the recipe’s title, Barbie’s Easy-As-Pie Cookbook lists it under Sandwiches, Salads, and Snacks instead of putting it in the Most Delicious Main Dishes chapter. Is this a covert acknowledgement that tuna salad is not, in fact, a dinner-worthy main dish? Or does Barbie think that it is a main, just not one of the “most delicious” ones? Read on to take a look at this dish and decide for yourself.

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Chunky Apple Pancakes

I decided to try making Barbie’s apple pancakes even though I usually avoid recipes that call for baking powder. I prefer recipes that read as nice suggestions rather than precise instructions, and the inclusion of baking powder in an ingredients list sends up a warning that I am dealing with the latter. But I had apples, and pancakes are tasty, so for this week’s Barbie experiment, chunky apple pancakes it was. 

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