Girl Talk

Something good is about to happen!

So it’s Julie and Julia, but us. And Barbie. 

Barbie as in her 1964 children’s cookbook. And us as in… us. Alana and Donna. We were in high school when we met. (Donna dated Alana’s best friend. We have no idea what happened to him.) We went to the opening night of The Rage: Carrie 2 together. We had a college radio show together. (It came on at 4:00 AM.) Donna is a writer, and Alana is a teacher, and as our friendship nears its third decade, we’ve officially termed it a club and plan to cook through the entire Easy-as-Pie cookbook together. Because what else would you do if you inherited a 1964 Barbie cookbook? 

We are both experienced home cooks, though Donna’s recipes tend toward gourmet Italian while Alana’s often involve meatloafs and jello salads. We both had Barbies as children but were more inclined toward epic My Little Pony adventures. We like horror movies, making things, and destroying the patriarchy. 

As Barbie says, “The kitchen is the merriest room in the house. All the little sounds come together in a chorus that says, something good is about to happen!” Come experience something good with us. (Or not so good. Barbie loves a fruit-and-milk punch, and that’s more than a little scary. Maybe we’ll add alcohol. Probably we’ll add alcohol…)